Home Oven & Cooktop Range Warranty Coverage
SHA Home Warranty Explanation
What's Covered in SHA's Home Warranty with Oven & Cooktop Range Coverage?

When you love to cook, your oven and cooktop range are two of the most used appliances in your home. You depend on them to cook meals for your family and gatherings of friends. These appliances can last up to 15 years or more but their long life doesn't mean they are free from unexpected malfunctions. Like any appliance, your home your oven and cooktop range can malfunction, resulting in a kitchen that is out of business.. When these appliances don't work properly, you'll need to get a repair man to fix them fast to get your kitchen back in working order.

SmartHome Assurance gives you several options to keep your covered appliances in working order. See the "Combo Plan" or the "Systems Plan" for coverage for your oven and cooktop range. When a covered breakdown occurs, you'll be connected to a qualified, professional service contractor who will come to your home, diagnose the problem with this appliance and offer a solution -- either repair or replacement of your oven and cooktop range. Take a look at the versatile plans that SmartHome Assurance has to offer that will cover the appliances that you use most.

There are many components and parts of ovens and cooktop ranges that can malfunction. The majority of these are covered with a "Systems Plan" or "Combo Plan" with SmartHome Assurance. When these appliances fail, you can call SHA and they will connect you to a qualified, professional service contractor to diagnose your malfunctioning Cooktop or Oven. You will pay a Trade Service Call Fee for the visit and the service contractor will identify a viable solution to your problem. While additional fees could apply, depending on the solution, you might not pay anything other than the Trade Service Call Fee, a cost that is outlined in your contract.

Appliances that are used as frequently as your range, oven and cooktop are at risk of malfunction. When you invest in an SHA Home Warranty, you’ll enjoy the budget protection that this coverage brings. As a result, you won't stress when your oven or cooktop range stops working; you'll just contact SHA for a qualified repair or replacement. All repairs and repllacement of any appliance are at the disgression of SHA and their professional technicians.