Home Dishwasher Warranty Coverage
SHA Home Warranty Explanation
What's Covered When You Have Dishwasher Coverage With SmartHome Assurance

Your dishwasher is the one appliance in your home that helps decrease cleanup time. Chances are, you use it a lot. Because of its frequent use, this appliance is also susceptible to malfunctions and breakdowns. Dishwashers last an average of 8 to10 years and during that time , you will probably need to fix a couple things to keep your appliance in working order. Consider an SHA Home Warranty that helps cover these inevitable repairs.

Our SHA home warranty plans offer coverage for dishwashers. this coverage will help with minor or major breakdowns. during these stressful times SHA is here to help. As a customer of SHA, you'll benefit from prompt diagnosis and repair of covered dishwasher problems. A qualified, professional service contractor will be able to identify the issue and offer a solution so that your dishwasher is running again so you can get back to the important things.

When a covered malfunction occurs, SHA Home Warranty will cover diagnosis, repair and replacement of most components and parts of your dishwasher, with a $3,000 per-contract term limit. When a covered malfunction occurs, you will pay a Trade Service Call Fee for our qualified, professional service contractor to diagnose and repair your dishwasher. Additional charges could apply depending on the repair necessary..

*Repair and replacement costs are estimates only.