What is a Home Warranty?

So, what is a home warranty? Simply put, a home warranty is a yearly service contract that protects specific home systems and appliances. Imagine you discover water leaking out of your dishwasher onto the kitchen floor. If you purchased a home warranty that includes coverage for your dishwasher, the home warranty can cover its repair or replacement.

Typically, home warranties can cover systems such as heating, air conditioning, and plumbing. Covered appliances can include the dishwasher, oven, and washer/dryer. When a breakdown occurs to these or any other items covered under the contract, the home warranty company can repair or replace them.

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Why homeowners need a home warranty

If you’re a current homeowner, ask yourself, when was the last time you had an appliance, heating system, or air conditioner break down? If you’re like many homeowners, the answer will be either: last year, this year, or maybe just last week.

You know home systems and appliances will eventually break down. A home warranty provides a layer of protection against the inevitable wear and tear of the covered home systems and appliances you are using every day.

First-time homeowners also benefit from home warranty coverage. Extra funds are often in short supply during the first few years of homeownership. Surprise out-of-pocket expenses can potentially derail dreams of improving or updating a newly purchased home.

How a home warranty provides value to you

Having home warranty coverage and homeowners insurance is the best way to fully protect your home against the unexpected, but a home warranty gives you more value year to year because of the service it provides. Homeowners with SmartHome coverage sometimes request service for failing systems or appliances multiple times in one year alone. If you’re a homeowner, think about the last time you made a claim on your homeowners insurance? If you’re like most, the answer will be either: never, rarely, or perhaps once since you’ve owned your home. Our home warranty contract provides real value to you because of the many times you make use of it.

Take a look at the items our home warranty plans can cover throughout your home. We cover many of the systems and appliances you value and want to protect. You'll also find information on coverage options you can purchase with your home warranty contract to fully meet your home's needs and fit within your budget.

Why home buyers and sellers need a home warranty

If you are buying or selling a home, a home warranty can protect your budget.

For buyers, home warranty coverage protects them from costly repairs when a covered appliance or system suddenly fails after closing.

For sellers, home warranties protect against unexpected breakdowns that can occur while homes are listed. Perhaps you're selling a home contingent on buying another. You don't want the sale to be derailed or postponed if a covered item breaks down in the midst of negotiations.

Check out these additional benefits of a home warranty for home buyers and sellers.

Ready to get a quote, either for yourself or your clients? The process is quick and easy. If you have more questions, please visit Home Warranty 101 to learn what a home warranty will do for you.

We know home warranties.

We've been performing your warranty work for years for all the major home warranty companies. That experience has shown us the shortcomings of the current business model employed by all the leading home warranty companies. We understand that they only make money of you don't use your warranty. And when you do? Their red tape and convoluted business practices are in place to ensure that you don't recieve the repair and coverage that you deserve or have paid for. Let us help to manage the stress and expense of unexpected home system and appliance breakdowns.

We won't ask you for a home inspection before you purchase one of our home warranty plans, and we don't ask you to provide maintenance records. Maintenance is included.

Here's how a Smart Home
Assurance Home Warranty works.

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Choose your coverage.

We offer a variety of plans to fit your home and budget. Choose a plan to help protect major parts and components of your home's systems, a plan for just appliances or our Combo Plan, which covers both.

When a covered item breaks down, SmartHome Assurance is here to take care of all you issues.

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Request service.

When a covered item breaks, you can request service online or by phone — day and night. Pay your set Trade Service Call Fee when you request service.

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We assign a professional.

We assign a qualified local contractor from our network to diagnose your covered item and complete the repair.